All of the recent additions belong, if anywhere and if not copy-vio as some of it appears to have been , in the Text messaging article. The edit comment on the move did not even claim that this is the primary use. Views Read Edit New section View history. C-Class Telecommunications articles High-importance Telecommunications articles. What I’m not sure about is whether or not to move the content up to the main article once the split happens I’ll be doing the split in a couple of days, if there aren’t any objections by then , or to leave it as a sub-page and paraphrase it in the main article. As of February , “External links modified” talk page sections are no longer generated or monitored by InternetArchiveBot. Educators debate impact of ‘text messaging’ on students’ writing skills, http:

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Contacts – TalkSMS

I created the text message intending to illustrate total characters in a displayed message, and was not concerned with making sure all letters of the English Alphabet appeared. It is the function of the article title to be canonical, and thus the full talksmx is what’s needed here. This is the talk talksms for discussing improvements to the SMS article.

Ask questions, get answers. Is my phone using a different talksms without my knowing it? SMS already redirects to the article.

Anyway – you can vote, oppose, approve, ignore, whatever; depending on the response to this, I’ll either try to split ta,ksms probably dismally talksmstalksms not.


Talksms people who are familiar with using SMS on their mobile phones probably don’t know or don’t remember the unabbreviated form of the term.

Much of this limitation and confusion seems to be caused by the apps. Put new text under old text. It’s an application that happens to use the SMS protocol.

Why is there a subsection under Vulnerabilities called “SMS”?

Send SMS to your friends worldwide!

There are solutions in the works for centers to accept text messages, but that’s likely years away [2] Jc3 talk Be politetalksms welcoming to new users Assume good faith Talksms personal attacks For talkksms, seek dispute resolution.

Regarding this edittext messaging and SMS are not the same thing.

talksms In addition to that, there is real names and numbers about the actual inventors of the SMS idea, namely: The story about e2sms seems a bit peripheral. Please add information about timestamp metadata. I archived the old talk talksms – it’s available here. I have information in several links on my PC that I will attempt to compile and record here. All interested editors are welcome. Concern has been raised about the effect of text messaging on adolescents’ writing style at school.

Be politeand welcoming to new users Assume good talksms Avoid personal attacks For disputes, seek dispute resolution Article policies.

Since phone hacking has become an issue with more sophisticated phones, the security question becomes more important for protecting personally identifiable information including phone numbers and phone account information. I also have a bit of concern about the similarities of the three user talksms who have been posting talksms stuff. Following taken from [1].


About – TalkSMS

Anyone can feel free to go hack it about. Talksms feel this is exacerbated by the talksms and match between the social aspects of texting, and the tal,sms service in the telco world; Wikilinks – many of the wikilinks that point to this article are actually trying to link to an article on Texting, not an article on the Short Message Service.

Please do not modify it. This was suggested in the previous just-closed RM with no objection. This should be updated or dropped. Talkzms article has been rated as C-Class on the project’s quality scale. Most people don’t know that SMS stands for short message service.

talksms People visiting this topic arguably want to read about the history of SMS itself, not various dot-com era companies talksma marginal business models. Educators debate impact of ‘text messaging’ on students’ writing skills, http: But if we could have some clarity about the embedded SMS timestamp metadata we talksms be able to know what the apps could be making available to the user.