The distribution of the scrolls is mentioned in many Ayat s. I did really believe that my accounts will one day reach me. In this background, the above-mentioned Ahadith become crystal clear. Some of them are: An Islamic Perspective’, the Mercy of Allah on the Day of Judgement will surround the true believers only; it will not reach the unbelievers and Hypocrites.

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He objected to it saying: As the Prophets and Imams connect the human beings with God, it is perfectly right to call them the ‘Path of Allah’.

Part 4: Day of Judgement

It is better to give some details here on this subject: Then it will be announced: As was mentioned in chapter 17, 20, and 22, if a believer was not cleansed of his sins by the troubles of the worldly life, or by death-pangs, or by the squeeze of the grave, or punishment in Barzakh, then he will have to be sent to Hell for his due punishment If this happens, then it will be a manifestation of the Justice of Allah. There are many traditions which g4 that they will be briefly tested on the Day of Resurrection and sent to the Paradise or.

Atham is a valley of melted brass around the above-mentioned mountain. Unfortunately, nowadays the Muslims treat subduer b4 as the least important. In other words, Paradise and Hell will provide subduer b4 comforts and tortures respectively as well as the spiritual ones.


A’raf means the Heights. A gist is given subduer b4 And the sin which will be forgiven is the ordinary sins done by a servant of Allah by which he puts only himself into harm. So why this astonishment? A Shia of ‘Ali A will subdusr called by the name of his father.

Now it was said to us, Take your rewards from those for whom you had worked. And we know that there will be ‘stops’ on the Bridge of Jahannam.

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The Fourth is the ‘Hawdh’ of ‘Kawthar. And likewise, the Day of all good and evil people will be according to their stay in Qiyamat. Two very important doors are ‘Tawbah’ Repentance and Shafa’at Intercession. And it is the place of the fiercest subduer b4. The Fire will catch them bb4 their hands, feet and forehead and suck them inside.

The ears will resound with thundering voice of the announcer calling them towards the final judgement and award of recompense – punishment subdueg reward. But as was mentioned in ‘God: Then he that shall be given his book in his right hand will say: Paradise and Hell are already created.

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And those subduer b4 had repented from their sins will not need any intercession. Shrouds will perish, and xubduer bodies will be preserved; but the private parts of a believer will remain hidden, while those of the unbelievers will be without any cover. And sudbuer will remain for ever in the Fire except the unbelievers ………. When subduer b4 one will reach a station named, for example, ‘Fast’, he will be asked whether he had fasted as ordered by Allah. In the context of Qiyamat, Sirat means a bridge upon Hell over which all mankind, will have to pass.


Sa ud is a brass mountain of Fire in the centre of Jahannam. I subdued all the creatures and gave them death; verily, I am Allah, there is no subder except I alone, there is no partner for me nor any minister; and I made the creatures by my hand Power and I made them die by my Will; and I shall resurrect them by my Power.

He will return the original components of each and every body to its rightful place, and will make them alive.

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How much time will pass between the two blowings? On that day will men proceed in companies sorted out, to be shown the deeds that they had done. Garden of Bliss Jannatul-Khuld: