Articles containing Persian-language text. The radio program has long been gone and many of the musicians are no longer alive, but thanks to the dedication of the RadioGolha. For the 23 years that these programs were broadcast, all the most eminent literary critics, poetry reciters, singers, composers and musicians in Iran were invited to participate in them. The quote is copied from Ref: The Golha programs were broadcast on a government-owned radio station, and they all came to an end with the arrival of the Iranian political revolution in This page was last edited on 22 July , at

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Golha (radio programmes)

Views Read Edit View history. And as I wasn’t exactly a quiet kid, getting into all kinds of loud mischief, I was forced to sit quietly and listen to the Golha program radio golha with my grandfather.

Women were free to continue to play musical instruments, and to sing in choruses, and to sing a solo in front radio golha all-female audiences, but the recording of female solo singing was banned. Retrieved from golh https: To say that this was torture for me would be an understatement. Homayoun Khorrama violinist who was one of the Golha musicians, commented 25 years after the close of the show: The Golha programs radio golha of several separate series of programs having the slightly different emphasis in content.

Where gooha in public spaces, the performers had been tarred with the same brush as popular street minstrels. This page was last edited on 22 Julyat Many of the Golha artists permanently emigrated from Iran and many who remained ceased performing in public for a number of years.


When I was a young boy growing up in Iran, a favorite radio program of my maternal grandfather was Golhaa variety program on radio consisting of radio golha Persian music.

Fast-forward a few decades and I often find myself listening to this program on the RadioGolha.

Radio Golha Tehran

Mail will rdio be published. The quote is copied from Ref: Considering the incredible efforts that went radio golha producing these programs and their strong influence on society, they are still considered today to be the best resource for our music. My grandfather would take a little rest after lunch and listened to this program in its entirety.

I certainly didn’t think it was mine either. Persian music Iranian music. They marked a watershed in Persian culturefollowing which music and musicians gained respectability.

Golha (radio programmes) – Wikipedia

For radio golha village in Iran, see Golha, Iran. Heretofore, music had been practiced behind closed doors. Traditional Persian music is not everyone’s cup of tea. Rest in peace Agha Joon, and thank you for the unwitting gift of traditional Persian music.

Radio Golha – Traditional Persian Music « Hashemian Blog

The Golha programs were radio golha on a government-owned radio station, and they all came to an end with the arrival of the Iranian political revolution in Due to the high literary and musical quality of these programs, public perception of radio golha radjo musicians in Iran shifted, its participants came to be considered—virtually for the first time in Persian history of the Islamic period—as maestros, virtuosos, divas and adepts of a fine art, and no longer looked down upon as cabaret singers or denigrated as street minstrels.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How could anyone enjoy such music? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is very appropriate and important that these programs be preserved and passed on to future generations. The revolutionaries outlawed female solo singing. During the early post years, music and song were considered counter-revolutionary and frowned upon. These programs are made up of literary commentary with the declamation of poetry, which is sung with musical accompaniment, interspersed with solo musical pieces. Female singers had been among radio golha stars of the Radio Golha programs. But listening to this music now magically connects me to the land of my ancestors and to my grandfather who passed away years ago.

The radio program has long been gone and many radio golha the musicians are no longer alive, but thanks to the dedication of the RadioGolha. Until the advent of these programs, it had been taken for granted that any female performers and musicians were less than respectable.