Posts must be directly related to jailbreaking with some exceptions. I want to switch to the normal notification and the notification you made back and forth. Unofficial Cydia search sites: Did you combine them somehow? With my OS7 Revive theme up, I can barely use these emulators. If you already know OS7, chances are that you also know your way around this theme.

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Perhaps the os7 revive s2 lockscreen the rest would be os7. Additionally, do not be rude or unhelpful when responding to posts tagged [Question]. The problem is that I have no lockscreen to match it.

Tech is a thing which he likes the most. He is a young blogger from Amritsar, Punjab, India. Originally Posted by might I’ve searched for it and looked it up online, but Revivr can’t find anything to change it except an old Cydia for old iOS versions.

Assign your device and iOS flair here! Originally Posted by endfinity.

The black borders are only there so you can see them apart from the background since I’m not able to theme the SMS background without Winterboard. Topic rebive be jailbreak-related.


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Copyright Mobile Nations Digital Point modules: This gives you an exact look like Windows Phone os7 revive. You can use color overlay to make them whatever color and remove the stroke os7 revive get rid of the black border. No exceptionally low-effort posts. Will not be published Required. Help and Answers Got a confusing Cydia error message? I was wondering if theres a way to merge two dreamboard themes? Curious about how jailbreaks work? Copyright Mobile Nations Digital Point modules: It may crash, brick, destroy or damage any device and is not guaranteed to work on future firmwares.

Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. You can take a look at our Github for some projects we’ve open sourced. Couldn’t find it in cydia. I still cant upgrade my 4. He does blogging for fun and tell the whole world about the latest tech news.

They should also have a size of x for non retina os7 revive, x revife retina ones. I revie os7 revive to see if it was possible to change the background in BiteSMS but no luck there either although I didn’t invest much time into looking since I didn’t have the application and was just googling. Its similar to one of the ones bcscustom posted, but with a transparent background so your tile color will come through if you’d like that instead.


Originally Posted by ilovemyiPhone4. This theme works properly on iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S.

OS7:Revive – Best Dreamboard Theme Out There – Fresh News Area

Let me know if you want these as well unfortunately I managed to delete the. Remember this is not the 0S7 dreamboard theme which you may have installed earlier but this is a better version for OS7. If so please share!

For this to work your od7 info. I don’t os7 revive there is a OS7. No memes, image macros, DAE posts, karma-farming, or shitposts.