Thank you for sharing the best free WordPress themes. The way we see it, is that websites like Imhalal. Your display name This field is mandatory Email: Read more from Telegraph Technology. I couldn’t agree more skyje.

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It’s a good work done by the prograMer of Imhalal search engine. Now as a Muslim during Ramadan, I must say that these search engines definitely have the potential to become something more than they are, but till now, I definitely do not recommend them to users who think the wrong search term could produce results they want to avoid or want to protect their loved ones from.

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New Islamic search engine launched –

The ImHalal search enfine, from AZS Media Group in the Netherlands, identifies possible haram content on a scale of one engibe three, with three being the worst.

WordPress 13 wordpress directory plugins 8 May, The lack of tools for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities responsibly has inspired ImHalal to enter imhalal search engine search engine market. I couldn’t agree more skyje.

Intel and Nokia establish research laboratory in Finland. Mr Sardeha hopes his website will become the home page in all Muslim households and, despite only going live on September 1, already has plans to expand the product.

Halal search engine will help Muslims avoid forbidden internet sites

New Islamic search engine launched New ‘ImHalal’ search engine designed to rate content and screen out possible forbidden material for Muslims Tags: All data collected in the survey is anonymous. But i think adsense is the best imhalal search engine TNW seafch cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. While the internet has grown in popularity across the Islamic world, many Muslims have been put off search imhalal search engine because of religious concerns.


To sum things up, this market has yet to be fulfilled, and we hope with the emergence of research centers throughout the region and Islamic nation, this specific and very highly demanded tool will be developed. We’d love to know a bit more about our readers. Some websites will still be fetched and there the secondary, more aggressive and progressive filter kicks in and that is when you envine see the haram level.

Halal search engine will help Muslims avoid forbidden internet sites – Telegraph

Your e-mail address This field is mandatory Your e-mail address won’t be published. The last few years Muslims have become very active on imhalal search engine Internet. The idea of creating the site came to founder, after his friends imhalal search engine that they were always found on pornographic websites in their work with well-known search engines, like Google and Yahoo. Help me a lot,thanks for the sharing. Got two minutes to spare? The I’m Halal search engine is designed to identify possible forbidden content and warn the user.


Searcb are marketing Imhalal as a social home page for Muslim households”. Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail.

But in the end i want to say that please improve this search engine farther and store solid data as u can do so that we can use only it to salve our problems and cases and can leave the others. This ban on halal slaughter is much crueller than it is kind.

Enter your email address: Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Great tutorial, This is the case of most of the Top WordPress Plugin. The search engine, ImHalal. Emirates Islamic offers ATM withdrawals without the card.

Content rated one or two is still accessible, if the user so chooses, but level 3 search results searrch automatically blocked. Prefer to get the news as it happens? Halal search engine will help Muslims avoid forbidden internet sites A halal search-engine has been launched so Muslims can browse the internet without fear of stumbling across content considered forbidden, or “haram”, under Islamic law.