I can create drums as I want. It’s buggy, sometimes the samples do not play. Try pressin all the keys on your keyboard, I use behringer umx 49 and I play it with the left keys on the midi keyboard. Anonymous Jun 25 Sometimes loading samples it crash my DAW not useful at all.

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FREE: GTG DPC 3 Drum Machine/sampler VST |

Incredible, it’s the best drum kit that I’ve found. I want to know the dp of the sample. Considering it’s size and the quality, it’s an instrument of choice. Muito bom essa bateria, parabens. I can get to hear gtg dpc 3 sounds they sound good but i can not get it to record or then play.

But is the best for me.

There’s a little bug sometimes: Sometimes loading samples gtg dpc 3 crash my DAW not useful at all. I like it – but need to make a mac compatible version. But reversed cymbal’s sound is just shhhhhhhhpppp. This one of the coolest, I love it a lot it gives sample instruction if you want to play live with a band, and recording is more fun. I suppose this is great, due to all the positive comments, but can someone tell me how to install it? Note that this vsti supports only 16 bits samples.


Really good sound, is a good clean acu. Grabelit Jun 29 Submit new comment Jan 24 Im trying to use my yamaha keyboard to control it but failing Copy the file n paste it into your software’s VSTi plugins folder that should do the magic. Is not only HQ drum sounds, you can load your own drum kits and that does my job more easy. As it happens, it crashes when you try to use decent quality wav samples. I’ve tried just about all free drum sampler available and this one is simple to use, has reverb and mainly it is very reliable.

If it does not load your own samples, gtg dpc 3 to convert the samples from stereo to mono with an audio editor like Audacity. I can create drums as I want.

Please type this code: Use your pc cpc it’s easier! If you try to load 24 bits samples your daw surely will crash. Try pressin all the keys on your keyboard, I use behringer umx 49 and I play it with the left keys on vtg midi keyboard.


But crash cymbal sound is too short for me. From the beginning it seems like reversed cymbal. Muy bueno Muchas gracias suena exelente. Best drum VST I’ve found yet! It took me a minute to figure out that you adjust gtg dpc 3 volume, gtg dpc 3, etc controls by click-and-drag, but once I got it, I was rockin.

GTG DPC 3: free vst drum sampler

The best free drum sampler around! This is cool, i love that you can load your own drum sound to each pad.

I wish there were better instructions for many of the free VSTS.