Subtracts the current frame statistics from analysis arrays. The border pixels are marked yellow for your observation purposes but the border is created automatically using the Repair depth and Pixel aspect parameters:. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. Using the DeLogo filter it is necessary to find the original logo and its alpha mask first using the analysis procedure. This dependence is not linear but rather quadratical repaired pixels times border pixels.

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Use the slider controls in the preview window to skip to a section of the video where the logo to be removed is most visible.

Using VirtualDub – Removing Logos – Page 2 of 3 | Articles – Digital Digest

Duplication of links or content is strictly prohibited. The first method is called DeBlend, delogo 1.3.2 is made to remove logos with the help of the provided color and alpha masks. The first one can process alpha blended logos, while the second one deals with opaque objects.

The analysis process can be done manually on a selected set of frames too.

Adobe Flash Player The Web’s favorite video and animation player. When the Analysis mask is loaded and some analysis has been done. CONS Addresses only static logos A delogo 1.3.2 complicated to handle The repair method works only with still images Working with longer videos could be difficult. Also the filenames and paths should be short enough to fit to the characters long configuration line at once.


Loads the corresponding mask. There are some problems however – there is no way to store whole masks to delogo 1.3.2 batch file so all masks must be saved somewhere first in order to 1.33.2 loaded at batch run.

Printer Friendly Version Rate this article: Specifies the power of repairing. When Alpha mask is valid. As you can expect, the DeBlend algorithm can’t be applied to opaque logos so the process is actually delogo 1.3.2 similar to the still image provessing. Alpha-blending a logo is fairly simple. Once upon a time I was looking for some VirtualDub filter to remove a logo from video and I was surprised there is not any.

DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub

When you’re happy with the results, press the “Close” button to close the DeLogo window. When DeBlend mask is valid. When something is going wrong, the filter can show an error message. Yes, the batch processing is fully supported.

DeLogo Filter for VirtualDub

First delogo 1.3.2 foremost, you should choose the type of function for the filter, namely deblend and repair. My name is Karel Suhajda and currently I am 35 years old. The fine blue and fine green areas are left here for your observation purposes. Remember that not all controls are actually used and explained in this part, for detailed description refer to reference sections. The “area of interest” red means the area where the analyser should try to find the logo.


Displays Analyse mask in the Preview window.

Don’t delete frames in the video if you intend to specify the frame numbers delogl processing or if you want to run an analysis of the video stream. It also affects the border size and delogo 1.3.2.

The second technique – repair – comes where the first fails. Use to specify the frames which have to be analysed. When calculating the pixel distances, appropriate axis distance is multiplied delogo 1.3.2 the aspect ratio coefficient. Switches standard filter output to be displayed deolgo the Preview window.

Using VirtualDub – Removing Logos

While most of them are pretty self-explanatory, some may confuse you so I decided to explain them all. When Analyse mask is loaded. You can use this output to create Analysis mask. KMPlayer Excellent free multi-format media player.