I have to revert back to the non-working version 5. So as a result, the drop down thing in the login screen shows all these IDs. Talk about being hassled. I scrolled to show everything like I read and nothing.. The number shows your rank in the list of top gifted users, so if you are 3 it means you are 3rd in your zone for most gifted user or room.

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I knew this would eventually happen though seeing as it is now basically Paltalk. Where is the spirit of Democracy? And please make same Default DirectSound Device setting cmafrog the Audio Recording device menu as your have for playback. Thanks for fixing the sound problem with this version!

Mine adversaries are all before thee. Mine eyes camfrog kermit 6.1 while I wait for my God. How can I do? Today we have released a brand new Windows Camfrog client with some great new features. I am become a stranger unto my brethren, And an alien unto my mother’s children. This is absolutely ridiculous and they want customers to PAY?


Click the link below to upgrade to Camfrog version 6. Please note that you should still never accept files from strangers.

Talk about being hassled. I want to be able to disable the tabbed room room list in the same window thing and have seperate windows for them, and I want a checkbox for hands free mic again.

I agree with Baybotton.

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I am surprised there are so many small still unaddressed camfrog kermit 6.1 like that. Just wanted to know, if there are any customers of Frogfriendhosting here and if their rooms are up. I am very regretful of this thing!!!! Please help, I keep all of IM history for 3 years. Let heaven and earth praise him, The seas, and everything that moveth therein. Indeed kermlt is missing here….

Hi, Sorry me englisch is bad, i whrite in french. I have lost a few friends with new policies.

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I know user bandwidth becomes an issue, so try to find a balance. After upgrading to 6. Mike, If you got problem dealing with program, send your message to Support, while if you have problem with technical thing, email to Helpdesk.


One fun new feature is the ability for the most gifted users and rooms in any zone to have unique and cool icons. Rudy, What camfeog meant was the one in camfrog kermit 6.1 login screen in the previous CF 5. Thus the history is not accessable and the statement…. Ok, looking good, fixed the hands free — is now sticky, good job! Used to be simples. Because it is sooo… annoying. A new Camfrog Client for Windows is now available for mermit Thanks for the loss of my kermut what about quality management?

I updated the Blog post about your lost IM history. I really liked the times stamps and would like them back.