Most of the current therapies against cancer, and also those against immune diseases or viral infections, consist of empirically designed combination strategies, combining a variety of therapeutic agents. CompuSyn for Drug Combinations: Click to load comments. Adv Enzyme Regul The primary aim is a mutual enhancement of the therapeutic effects, while other benefits may include decreased side effects and the delay or prevention of drug resistance. The plots drawn by CalcuSyn include dose-effect, median-effect, isobolograms and CI-effect.

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Announcement from ComboSyn, Inc.

Thomson Reuters Web of Science: All calcusyn software and results are easily accessible by mouse-click on the contents tree. Data can be entered via the keyboard or file import either into the grid or directly into the analysis engine.

It is essential to test the potency of a combination, before evaluation in the clinic, to prevent antagonistic actions. However, the study of patterns of possible metabolic and biological interactions in preclinical models, as well as scheduling, should improve the development of most drug combinations.

The mass-action law based algorithms for quantitative econo-green bio-research Perspective Article. The installation process is over in a jiffy, while the interface you come by encompasses a menu bar, a few buttons, and two panes in which to display a folder structure and selected information. Computerized quantitation of synergism and antagonism of Taxol, topotecan, and cisplatin against human teratocarcinoma cell growth: The definition of synergism is that the combination is more effective than each agent separately, e.


For the frequently asked questions FAQthe softwarw and the most common errors in applying the theory to biomedical research, please refer to Refs. Frequently asked questions in drug combinations and the mass-action law based answers. This website will be unattended, and will not be calcusyn software to respond to inquiries.

Calcysyn, one should realize that an antagonistic action may be desired when toxicity is concerned, i. These give a thorough account of the theoretical basis calcusyn software the analysis methods including the calcusyn software treatment of results. Mixed drug treatment is becoming common in the treatment of cancer, AIDS etc, and CalcuSyn is the most widely used software for establishing calcusyn software in this field.

It can make multiple calculations using the Median Effect methods. Several attempts have been made to quantitatively measure the dose-effect relationship of each drug alone and its combinations and to determine whether a given combination would gain a synergistic effect. In conclusion, CalcuSyn is an efficient piece of software which can help people in creating new mixed drug treatment soctware more effective ones.

To calculate a CI, the computer software Calcusyn can be used, taking the entire shape of the growth inhibition curve into account for calculating whether a combination is synergistic, additive, or antagonistic. The median-effect principle and the combination index for quantitation of synergism calcusyn software antagonism.

Most of the current therapies against cancer, and also those against immune diseases or viral infections, consist of empirically designed combination strategies, combining a variety of therapeutic agents. Dorothy Chou in with purpose of promoting the pharmacodynamic research and simple computerized analytical simulation using the median-effect principle of the mass-action law 2,3 and its combination calcusyn software theorem 3,4 has achieved its goals.


Data can be processed both for individual drugs and for constant-ratio or non-constant-ratio combinations of drugs. One of the most widely used ways to evaluate whether a combination is effective is the median-drug effect analysis method.

Already used in hundreds of academic labs and pharmaceutical companies, CalcuSyn is indispensable for the study of drug mixtures. J Theor Biol Nonetheless, it goes without saying that you still require some specialized knowledge in order to get around CalcuSyn. Click to load comments. CalcuSyn calcusyn software reviewed by Madalina Boboc. Cited times Chou TC.

CalcuSyn (free version) download for PC

You can add drugs to CalcuSyn manually or with the help of a wizard, so that you can be sure you do not forget to include certain information. Estimates of accuracy of EDx and CI can be calculated with Monte Carlo simulations or by a highly accurate algebraic estimation algorithm.

Announcement from Calcusyn software, Inc. Drug combinations are widely used because multiple drugs affect multiple targets and cell subpopulations. CalcuSyn can easily be integrated with other software.