He surprisingly continued going to school, if not only to eat lunch and hang out with his classmates. In fact, he would say music saved his life. He and his friends would freestyle on paper. To this day, he has no idea why. His survival techniques earned him his other moniker, Billy — as in Billy the Kid. Once armed with a degree, Blue tried his hand at college and enrolled in Florida Memorial College. Blue returned to Miami a young adult.

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This was the beginning of a long nightmare for Billy. The more I did it, the more I realized I was finally good at something. With the path blazed by artists like Rick Ross and Flo Rida, new artist Billy Blue is billy blue rn24 to bring that same fire to the game — and he has a story to tell.

However, on the day of his release, he was sent packing to another relative, this time an uncle in Haiti.

Billy Blue — RN24 on Spotify

Now 19, Blue had to get his life together so he moved in with his sister who helped him get into a school in order to get his high school diploma. However, a string of unfortunate events eventually landed his mentor in jail, and Rb24 out of a job. All of this at age 16, coupled with his already troubled life, was a recipe for life long scars. His machine gun flow mixed with his gritty — and very real lyrics — make him a fortified contender to keep the fire burning in the South. I have been through so many crazy struggles and I rap about things I know — things I have been through.


In fact, he would say music billy blue rn24 his life. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

“Rn24” Album Skit

Blue was excited to be rapping but never really saw it as a reality. This life changing occurrence would lead to his first nickname — Blue. Blue returned to Miami a young adult. While locked up, Blue continued rhyming and his musical influences unsurprisingly consisted of hardcore, gangster rap figures — mainly The Ghetto Boyz, Dr.

See more of Billy Blue on Facebook. Living a fast life finally caught up to Blue at age 13 when he caught a breaking and entering as well as aggravated assault charge. I am another normal person from the streets, rap was NOT my life — it was not something that I was destined to do, it is something that saved me from this messed up life that I billy blue rn24 lived.

Billy Blue – RN24 @billyblue

Luckily, another friend purchased the club and gave Blue a new position — this time DJ. The single will be released to iTunes June The stint was short lived once Blue started selling weed to the students and learned that drugs were a more lucrative career choice — he dropped out.

When she died, he and his two sisters assumed they would live with their father, but their dad had other plans. His younger sister, five years his junior, was billy blue rn24 care of — Blue, on the other hand, was neglected. It was then their turn to put together a rhyme — and on and on. To this day, he has no idea why.


His older sister, ten years his senior, quickly got a job and moved out of the house. Sections of this page. Daily billy blue rn24 would see dead bodies, hourly he was hearing the gunshots.

Billy Blue new songs, albums – LISTEN

I have regrets but I was trying to survive, I am thankful that I do not have to live that life anymore and I promise to give back once I make it. He did it as an outlet and was fortunate enough to get studio time to really hone his craft.

Since Blue was making his own music, he decided to use his job as a way to get billy blue rn24 songs out there.

Sometimes we would have to tell stories. Not only did being virtually homeless at such a young age rob Blue of a childhood, it also put him in the precarious position of doing whatever it took to get a dollar in order to eat.

At the time, there was billy blue rn24 revolt going on in the country, and Blue lived right in the middle of it all. Blue is finally getting the attention he yearned for as a child — this time for all the right reasons.